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Saturday, May 30, 2015

Warning goes out over cold callers

Local members of Neighbourhood Watch have been sent the following message:

"Following reports of cold callers in the area, we would like to remind you of some safety advice to help you when confronted with an unexpected visit.

Although there are callers who a genuine, it is not easy to establish who is genuine and who might be a rogue trader or bogus caller.

Bogus Callers are conmen (or women) who use a variety of stories to gain access to your home in order to steal. They may pretend to be someone from your local council, gas, water or Electricity Company and give you a good excuse to enter your home.

Rogue Traders are people who pretend to be builders needing to do ‘urgent’ repairs to your property or sales people offering bargain products. They often try to confuse or pressurise you to pay in advance for materials or carry out poor work at highly inflated prices.

The aim of this information is to help you deal more confidently with people who call at your door and provide you with information to enable you to obtain hel p and advice if you need it.

REMEMBER genuine callers will not mind waiting. It’s your home. You don’t have to let anyone in!
  • If in doubt, keep them out. It sounds simple, but if you don’t let someone in - they will go away. Don’t let them pressure you into opening the door.
  • Be prepared. Be in control. Think about what to say to doorstep cold callers in advance and keep a list of key contact numbers near your phone so you can check out legitimate callers. Ask all other unwanted callers to go away.
  • If you think someone is a rogue trader call us on 101. To report a distraction burglar or rogue trader who has taken your money and is still in the area - call 999. 
Please look out for your community and report any suspicious persons or vehicles to us on 101."

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