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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

New rules come in for cycling races

New safety regulations on the organising of cycle races on Welsh highways have come into force.
This should be of interest to people in Llangollen, an area which a number of these races pass close to. 
The Cycle Racing on Highways (Amendment) (Wales) Regulations 2015 provide an update to the previous regulations made in 1960, bringing them up to date with current road conditions and modern approaches to public and competitor safety.
Working with Welsh Cycling, the Welsh Government has developed the new regulations to shift the emphasis from the imposition of prescribed conditions to a more flexible approach based on risk assessment.

Transport Minister Edwina Hart said: “Cycling is an increasingly popular sport in Wales with a number of races taking place each year.

"Races can boost the economy and tourism and inspire more people to take up cycling. These new regulations will create more opportunities for on-road races, and bring the legal requirements for arranging cycle races in line with modern health and safety standards.”

Anne Adams-King, Chief Executive Officer of Welsh Cycling said: “Welsh Cycling welcomes the simplification and modernisation of these regulations, which will make it easier for race organisers to design courses and run safer events.”

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