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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Timely Christmas advice from the police

As Christmas approaches North Wales Police and their partners are again seeking to raise awareness around issues of sexual consent.
Detective Inspector Kelly Isaacs of the Amethyst team explained: “We want people in North Wales to enjoy the festive season, and remember Christmas for all the right reasons.”
“The message is clear; having sexual contact if a person says no or is incapable of consenting through drink or drugs, is a serious criminal offence.”
Inspector Isaacs urged those attending parties and functions over the Christmas period to enjoy themselves, but to keep themselves and their friends safe from all types of crime.
“Alcohol and drugs can make you feel more confident; they can distort your perceptions and judgement and make you more vulnerable.”
Here are some simple precautions on how to stay safe:
  • Always leave your drink with someone you trust, don't share drinks and never accept a drink from someone that you don't know or have just met.
  • Don't get so drunk that you don't know what you're doing
  • Plan how you're going to get home. Don't walk home alone or go back with someone you have just met - stay with friends or use a taxi
  • Would you go alone into a stranger’s house at 11am in the morning? No? So why do it at 2am drunk? Arrange to meet new acquaintances when sober
  • Always make sure that someone knows where you are and when you're expected back
North Wales Police, in partnership with other agencies continue to invest heavily to reduce and prevent sexual crimes and take a positive approach to prosecuting offenders.
Insp Isaacs added: “We are focused on preventing sexual crime, and we need to understand the problem by encouraging anyone who has suffered an assault to disclose what has happened to us so we can offer them support and investigate crimes of this nature."
Rape and Sexual offences are always the fault of the perpetrator; victims will receive the full support of Amethyst partners.
If you or anyone needs help with these issues the police can be contacted on 101 or in case of an emergency 999. The Amethyst self-referral system (which does not involve police contact) can be accessed via 0808 156 3658.

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