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Sunday, December 8, 2013

HSBC closure – "Broken Promises"

llanblogger has received the following letter about the closure of the town's HSBC bank:

A report by Aled Blake on WalesOnline on 17th March 2010, when Rachel Thomas was appointed as Regional Director for Wales states: 'Ms Thomas, who will have the job of expanding HSBC’s presence here, said: 'HSBC’s commitment to Wales is clear. I look forward to building on the strong foundations that have been laid by my colleagues.
'Wales continues to be a key business area for HSBC, we employ more than 2,700 people in the region and have the highest market share compared with any area in the UK. My intention is to carry forward our distinguished  history, good customer service and grow business in Wales.'
Since then she has closed several branches in North and Mid Wales and appears to have ignored her job description. What I can’t understand is why she has been allowed to get away with it by her bosses.
HSBC owe the people of Llangollen a debt of gratitude for their loyalty to the bank in all its guises over the last 150 years, from its beginnings as the North and South Wales Bank, Midland and HSBC.
It also needs to recognise that Llangollen is an important international town with a vibrant community that does not deserve the way it has been treated. The speed with which this decision has been made and the disregard for loyal customers beggars belief, and as a former employee of the Midland Bank, leaves me saddened and disillusioned.
Gill Thomas

1 comment:

  1. The deeper irony of the “World’s Local Bank” withdrawing from Llangollen, Wales’s peace ambassador to the World in the form of the International Eisteddfod and a matter of great national pride, remains. Contestants and visitors take part from all over the globe, and Llangollen must surely enjoy the highest concentration of countries ever to flock to this magnificent cultural event. For a small town, this is unequalled anywhere in the UK. That HSBC has chosen to undermine its own proud boast is bewildering to us, and surely a PR own goal.