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Friday, June 28, 2013

Councillor floats idea of tourist road-train around town

Now with reader comment at foot of story ...

* Tourist road-trains like this run in various cities in Europe.

A Llangollen town councillor has put forward the idea of a tourist road-train to run around  points of interest in the area.

At its meeting last week, the council discussed the possibility of shuttle bus to serve various parts of the town.

And Cllr Phil Thane has followed this up with his own idea of a tourist train.

He told llanblogger: “I'd like to see a tourist train like you see in so many EU resorts calling at the Pavilion car park and trundling round the most obvious sites: Wharf (via Dinbren Road), Station, Church St (stop at Church) up Butler Hill if possible to Plas Newydd, down Hill St, Castle St, Abbey Road back to the Pavilion.

“Ideally it would run on a park and ride basis to encourage tourists to park out of town, possibly even offer seats to coach tours to keep them out of town too.

“Of course, this requires vision on the part of DCC, which they show no signs of, and probably a subsidy which UK Governments are ideologically opposed to.

“Elsewhere in Europe governments seem to try to provide what they think will be good then charge taxes to pay for it.

“Here we favour governments that promise to reduce taxes by providing the bare minimum of services.”

. If you think a tourist train is a good idea, please let us know at llanblogger.

Re the idea of a tourist train in the town. This must surely be a joke. Does no one remember the trouble caused by the train run by Stephanie Booth? It upset local taxi drivers, caused disruption in the streets, and was eventually vandalised and set on fire. In any case I’m not sure they go up hills (hard to avoid in Llangollen). What’s wrong with extending the minibus service already operating at the weekends around Llangollen and up to Plas Newydd?
Gill Thomas

1 comment:

  1. Why not go the whole hog have it driven by Micky Mouse and erect new signs at each entry point to the town, Disney Land welcomes careful drivers!

    Just concentrate on more sensible ideas like extending the 64 bus route to areas like Maesmawr etc where non car owners can get into town to shop without using taxis or having walk with heavy bags of shopping.