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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Ex councillor speaks on A5 road safety

Former Denbighshire County Councillor Stuart Davies says he is disappointed to see yet again more serious accidents on the A5 in Llangollen with the Air Ambulance being called out again within the last few days to attend a serious RTA. 

In a letter to llanblogger he says: 'As a County Councillor I asked the Welsh Trunk road Agency and the local AM Ken Skates, numerous times, to extend the speed limit which would help to calm the traffic leading to this accident hotspot.

'Today I am seriously disappointed that the local AM, who as Cabinet Secretary for Economy and Transport has the power to deal with Trunk Road issues, has failed to act and we are now seeing the serious consequences.

'I am calling on him to get his officers on the job now before more people get injured!

'One of the local residents Mr John Lloyd who lives adjacent to this hotspot actually made national headlines by erecting a bird box that looked like a speed camera in am attempt to stop people speeding there.

'There was an attempt to force him to dismantle it.'

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