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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Well-being sessions are success says county

A series of drop in sessions set up in Denbighshire to provide people with health and well-being support and information in their own community is proving to be a great success, according to the county council.

The sessions, called Talking Points, are held in the county’s main towns and direct people to support available locally through organisations and initiatives – this has resulted in less people accessing the more traditional route of accessing health and social care services for formal, planned support.

Over the past three months (October to December), 62 Talking Points sessions were held and supported 292 people. 

The majority of people wanted information, advice and assistance whilst some individuals who needed more specialised support were referred to social services.

All participants were asked to complete surveys, and 100% of those who responded said they were satisfied with the support they had received and had been able to do so in the language of their choice.

Councillor Bobby Feeley, the county council's Cabinet Lead Member for Well-being and Independence, said: “This new approach in Denbighshire has worked really well, with all of the organisations involved working together for the benefit of residents.

“There is a requirement for us to modernise the way we work and the changes are also in response to the fact that people’s needs are changing.

“Many people who previously would access the more traditional health and social care services are now finding that the support or information they require is available in their local community, right on their doorstep.  This helps people to maintain independent lives, whilst accessing the support they need in their local community. It also helps people to increase their confidence and skills."

* Information on well-being matters can also be found on the DEWIS website:

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