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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Apartments plan for old Berwyn Works unveiled

A construction company has given brief details of the development of apartments it is planning on the site of the derelict Berwyn Works on the A5 in Llangollen.

Earlier this week Wrexham-based Knights Construction made a brief announcement about the scheme, for which it will be seeking planning permission, on social media, and llanblogger asked them for further information.

The company’s residential development manager Joel Smith replied to say: “We are looking at multiple - more than 20 - apartments on the site.

“We really want local people to live in this development and we feel that this will be reflected in our potential sales prices along with any affordable considerations that are stated within our section 106 agreement if planning is granted.

“At this early concept stage it’s clear that some but perhaps not all buildings on the site would need to go but more will become clear once planning is achieved.

“I would like to point out though that there are no listed buildings on the site.”

Mr Smith added: “We hope to submit planning within the next financial quarter.

“Everything we would do on the site would have local residents in mind with a view to enhance access and be as non-disrupting as possible when/if works commence.”

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