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Sunday, January 21, 2018

Statement 'to clarify' Community Garden issue

* Plas Newydd is not to be confused with the site of the Community Garden, says our correspondent.

A concerned local resident who does not wish to be identified has contacted llanblogger over the ongoing issue of Llangollen Community garden.  

The resident writes: "My attention was drawn to some very confused and inaccurate statements on social media but these were widely off the mark and seem to confuse the Weaver's Garden area with Plas Newydd itself.

1. The Weaver’s Cottage and Garden was acquired by Denbighshire CC on the 30th October, 2002 for £38,000  from a former owner of Glascoed * source HM Land Registry;

2. In late 2001 the Council had received a report from Nicholas Pearson Associates, Landscape Consultants, describing the property as "part of the essential setting which if protected from future unsympathetic development(at that time it had outline planning consent for three dwellings) would enhance the heritage assets of the Council and add to the attraction of Plas Newydd for future visitors”.

The consultant’s report had led to the provision of a 65% grant from the National Heritage Memorial Fund. * source Report to Cabinet of Denbighshire CC dated 4th December 2001;

3. Plas Newydd (the house, stables, various other buildings and gardens including the Glen) has been in Public Ownership since 1933 when it was acquired by the Former Llangollen Urban District Council and subsequently transferred to Denbighshire CC through Local Government Reorganisation. I has been Grade  II Listed since the 24th April, 1951. * source history of Plas Newydd;

4. In 1999 Denbighshire CC received a grant of £599,000 from the Heritage Memorial Fund for approved purposes and usage. Source Agreement dated 4th August, 1999 between The Trustees of the National Heritage Memorial Fund and Denbighshire CC;

5. In 2012 Denbighshire CC granted a Licence to Llangollen and District Friends of the Earth described as “Land at Mill Cottage, Bache Mill Road" for use as a garden area * Source Agreement made on the 19th May, 2012;

6. On the 24th October, 2017  Denbighshire CC’s Asset Group received a report recommending that the Weaver’s Cottage and Garden be “gifted” to the present owner of Glascoed in exchange for a number of unspecified improvements to Plas Newydd, this report spoke of a proposal to construct four or five residential properties. *Source report to the Asset Management Group 24th October, 2017:

It is understood that Denbighshire CC have recently reconsidered this decision which could lead to a more satisfactory conclusion from the Community Garden’s point of view and most importantly continue to protect Plas Newydd against unsympathetic development."   

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