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Monday, October 10, 2016

MP calls for radical reforms to Universal Credit

Susan Elan Jones MP has written to Prime Minister Theresa May urging her to make "radical reforms" to Universal Credit.

The Clwyd South Labour Member (pictured) said: "If the Prime Minister really wants a country that works for everyone, she needs to reform the current mess that is the Universal Credit system as soon as possible. 

"I think most of us would support the intentions of Universal Credit to simplify benefits and improve incentives to work. However, the system as it operates at the moment is a serious threat to the incomes of low-paid working families, who are left much worse off when they get transferred onto Universal Credit.

“I am glad we forced the Government to change its mind on tax credit cuts, but I want to see Theresa May go much further to tackle the issue of in-work poverty".

"The shopworkers' union, USDAW, has just produced detailed research that shows that a parent couple, both working in retail, earning just above the so-called National Living Wage, one working full-time and one part-time, would be £1,866 worse off on Universal Credit. That can't be right. It isn't an incentive to work and it isn't supporting family life.

"I am calling on the Prime Minister to do a total overhaul of Universal Credit so that it supports ordinary working families."

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