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Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Online forum seeks views on Sainsbury's site

* The site where the supermarket building is emerging.

A COMMUNITY group in Llangollen has set up an online forum to gather residents’ views on what should happen to the supermarket being built in the town now that Sainsbury’s are no longer planning to use it themselves.

A few weeks ago the superstore chain made the bombshell announcement that, due to tough trading conditions, it would no longer be going ahead with opening a new store on the former site of the Dobson & Crowther printworks on Berwyn Road.

The news has led to widespread speculation about what should now be done with the 34,000 square foot building, the metal structure of which is currently being laid.

And this has prompted the Llangollen Cittaslow group to set up an online forum to which local people can contribute their ideas and suggestions for the building’s future.   

Town councillor Phil Thane, who is leading the initiative, said: “Last month Sainsbury’s announced that they no longer planned to open a store in Llangollen.

“However, J Ross, the developers, are still building it and Sainsbury’s have a contract to take it once it's finished so they need an alternative use.

“A senior figure in Sainsbury’s property section has been quoted as saying that they are actively marketing the site to interested parties and would be interested to hear any ideas for the site, so we are complying with this.”

Cllr Thane added: “Whatever you think about Sainsbury’s and supermarkets in general, no-one wants an empty eyesore in town, so the Cittaslow Llangollen group decided to create a public forum where everyone can make suggestions.

“They have set it up and Sainsbury’s have promised to follow it.

“Now it's up to the people of Llangollen to make their feelings known.

“The forum is at: or at:

“Click on Cittaslow Forum. You can join any of the discussions, or click on New Topic and start your own.

“If you haven't used the Cittaslow site before, you need to register.”



  1. Tainted by the recent horsemeat scandal, Sainsbury's are looking to relocate their North Shropshire abattoir. The old printworks site, which they are already committed to in principle, would be ideal. Easy access, A5, weak council desperate for occupation, etcetera, and so therefore a likely troublefree change of use.

    And, of course, with a slaughterhouse and raw meat packing plant, Messers Skates and Davies have got their "much needed" employment: 24/7 despatching and dressing of cattle, sheep, pigs, so lots of desirable jobs for the shoals of unemployed that litter Llangollen's lanes. The nearby residents will just have to put up with the constant cacophony of distressed beasts. After all, they've lived with the dust and noise from the months of construction - this is important for the town, sorry, important for the politicians. And it will be nice for the passing tourists to point out to their friends and family, "That's where they kill the animals we eat for our meals". Not exactly what we want to contemplate as the economic jewel in the town's crown, is it?

    And so time passes, the abattoir gets a minor rural industries award and the managing director says in his acceptance speech how they couldn't have found a better place than Llangollen. Messers Skates and Davies applaud furiously, glance at each other and for a quickly-dismissed moment wonder whether this was Sainsbury's plan all along, never a supermarket, always an abattoir ...

    The Skates & Davies Much Needed Slaughterhouse, coming next year to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty near you.

    1. Well, what a coincidence and how lucky we all are, Pickstock Construction, who are working with J Ross on the former Sainsbury supermarket, also build abattoirs. Now isn't that convenient?

    2. This is horrendous.
      Imagine. A lovely sunny day,blue skies,sounds of birds,bees humming. Residents,hoteliers, tourists,canoists take a lovely trip along the river to the accompaniment of squealing animals being slaughtered.........
      What a slap in the face for the town. Money and profits come before community.
      Note the beast markets in Ruthin and Welshpool are not in the town, why would we want an abattoir in ours?

  2. "it will be completed and it will be occupied." - Clwyd South AM Ken Skates, Llanblogger, 21st May 2015