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Monday, June 8, 2015

MP raises questions over bank closures

Clwyd South MP Susan Elan Jones has put down questions in Parliament calling on Business Secretary Sajid Javid to meet with senior management of Nat West following the bank's shock announcement last week that it intends to close branches in Llangollen, Corwen and nine other areas of North Wales. 
Ms Jones (pictured) has also asked the Government to issue a statement on how it plans to support high street banking in communities in the region.
The exact wording of Susan Elan Jones MP's written parliamentary question is:
"Further to plans announced this week by Nat West Bank that they will close branches in Llangollen, Corwen and 9 other communities in North Wales, will the Secretary of State (a) meet with senior management at the Bank to urge them to re-consider their decision and (b) issue a statement on how his Department proposes to support high street banks in communities in North Wales."   

Speaking after issuing her question, Ms MP said: "High street banking is at crisis point across North Wales.
"It is a disgrace that Nat West want to close the last branch bank in the growing town of Corwen and that they are also planning to turn their backs on businesses and individuals in the international tourist town of Llangollen.
"If David Cameron really wants to lead a One Nation government, then Cabinet Ministers must remember that rural communities are part of our nation too and they need to accordingly by putting pressure on the big banks and actively supporting high street banking in North Wales." 

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