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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Llangollen residents urge action on climate change

* Friends of the Earth members take to Dinas Bran calling
for the Government to help protect what they love.
Members of Llangollen Friends of the Earth are today (Wednesday) taking part in a national campaign asking MPs to take action on climate change.

They are calling for action to help protect the "things we love in our lives" - from children right down to a cup of tea. 

FoE says drought, crop failure, and mass migration are al effects of climate change, which will greatly affect our all aspects of our everyday lives.

Llangollen resident Kay Polley said: “Climate change will affect so many of the things we care about, from our families to our food to our wildlife and our futures. We are asking our MP to press the UK
government to take action for the climate.”

She added: "Locally, people are concerned about how climate change will affect people around the world, but also how it will affect us here in Wales.

"With the climate talks in Paris, 2015 presents us with an opportunity to make progress on climate change.

"The UK has a big role to play in bringing countries together at the negotiations. Our position at the forefront of the fight against global poverty can help build a better, fairer global deal on climate change."

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