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Monday, December 1, 2014

Councillor calls for agreement over new Sainsbury's store

Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies has urged people in the town to “put their prejudices aside” to welcome the new Sainsbury’s supermarket.

His call for a halt to the long-running dispute over whether the new store should open came as he spoke of the switch of the Dobson & Crowther printworks to its new site at Climedw almost being complete.
The transfer of the business to a new factory will allow Sainsbury’s to be developed on Dobson & Crowther’s  nearby existing site off the A5.  

Cllr Davies said: “I am aware that the move is almost complete.
“There is a talk about people being taken back on and I applaud the company and wish it well in its new factory. I was elected on saving existing jobs and providing opportunities for new jobs for Llangollen.”

He added: “I look forward to the building of the new supermarket with its provision of more jobs for Llangollen, 130 is not a number to be sneezed at!
“I have met with the planners and a representative from the developers to discuss several detail points as agreed by the planning committee when the planning application was granted.

“I look forward to the finish of this project and the provision of over 130 jobs in our community. These jobs are important to the vast majority of Llangollen people as indicated by them when I was elected on a `jobs for Llangollen’ manifesto.
“I urge the community to join together, for some to put their prejudices to one side, and welcome these job opportunities for the people of Llangollen.

“I look forward to the opening of the new store and wish D&C the best for the future.”


  1. The problem is not so much with Sainsbury's but with the way Denbighshire has handled the planning permissions. The original store was presented as a pre-packed food store only and no café was mentioned. At the public display of plans the developers reassured people there would not be any fresh food counters and only a small café,if any, as the store was too small. Since then permission has been given for a café two thirds the size of the one in the Wrexham Sainsbury's and two food counters. Sainsbury's have since expanded these food counters to five which are in direct competition to similar small local businesses. The only reason they want the café is to capture the passing trade on which Llangollen relies for present and future visits to the town. There is no café in Sainsbury's Oswestry, Tesco Ruthin or Tesco in Cefn Mawr. The majority of the population in Llangollen lives at the other end of the town and it is too far to walk there and back carrying heavy shopping, so it will be necessary to use cars, increasing the traffic on the A5. When the supermarket was first envisaged there was no Tesco in Cefn and no Stans. Yes, there will be jobs for local people but how many local businesses will perish?

  2. It is very clear that any opposition, to most things in LLangollen are total'y ignored, such as the new Health name but one, Nameless people are changing the town, and not for the better. It was outrageous that the trees in parade st. were felled and now trees at the new Factory site at Climedw have been felled.. more should be planted to hide the awful blot on the landscape. would it have been more pleasing to the eye to have had the front facing the road.