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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Councillor backs DIY speed checks on Abbey Road

LLANGOLLEN county councillor Stuart Davies says he would be happy to support people in Abbey Road in the town if they decide to make their own checks on traffic speeding past their homes.

His promise follows a recent meeting at which residents in the area expressed their concerns – highlighted by a llanblogger story - over speeding along one of Llangollen’s main access roads.
Cllr Davies said: “Further to my piece about residents’ concerns about speeding in Abbey Road, I have made a Freedom of Information request as to how many speeding tickets have been issued over the last five years at the western end of Abbey Rd.

“I will give an update when I have more information.
“In the meantime I am happy to facilitate a meeting with residents and police officers with a view to having an informal speed awareness day.

“We could get the county officers to bring the county speed gun and do an informal check of speeds on Abbey Road in various locations there.
“I would be more than happy to push for one if those residents’ speed check groups that work in partnership with the police if it was felt that this was appropriate.”

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