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Monday, December 8, 2014

Railway steams in help Chain Bridge facelift project

* The train at Berwyn station during the loading of the dismantled parts.
When the contractor for the current restoration project asked for help in transporting dismantled parts of the historic Chain Bridge away for refurbishment, Llangollen Railway steamed in the help.
They provided a short goods train at Berwyn to move the parts for SHEMEC Ltd of Llangollen and also came up with an appropriate piece of motive power to haul the precious load - their Large Prairie Tank 5199 which came straight out of the repair shop.

* Station master Ben Jackson congratulates Harry Edwards
of Shemec on completing the arduous job of bringing
 all the ironwork up from the riverside for loading point.

The freight train comprised a Toad brake van and two ton Tube wagon which were propelled up Berwyn Bank to meet the contractor's team who had assembled parts of the links and vertical tie rods, all of which had been man-handled up the steep path from the riverside.
The historic links between railway and bridge date back to the construction of the Chain Bridge in 1817 and later to the dawn of the steam transport age, nearly 50 years prior to the railway arriving at Berwyn.

With the assorted items loaded and strapped down it was arranged for the train to make a run-past through the station for the benefit of the television cameraman from ITV/Wales who covered the story.

Later the Tube wagon was shunted into the reception road in Llangollen yard where the load was transferred to the contractor's trailer for onward delivery and restoration.

George Jones for the railway said: "It was a prestigious occasion for the railway to help out with a restoration project which, when completed in spring 2015, will bring improved access to the Dee Valley and benefit to patrons at Berwyn station."
* The cargo of vintage ironwork destined for renovation and conservation before reassembly.

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