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Monday, March 17, 2014

Paper examines town's parking issue

The Denbighshire Fee Press online has a story today about the thorny issue of car parking in Llangollen.

See the full story at:


We have received the following letter on the parking issue from reader Mike Edwards, together with a picture of the "pinch point" on Mill Street he refers to:

Firstly at a Town Council Meeting last year Councillor Davies made it clear that the County Council's main driver was income generation. The main problem with weekend parking at the Medical Centre is the lack of safe pedestrian footpaths between the site and the Town Centre. As the photograph shows there is a pinch point (pictured below) on Mill Street which cannot be removed without demolishing property.

The County Council is failing again to take the local Communities views into consideration and has now allowed two out of town developments ignoring Planning Policy Wales on protection of the vibrancy and viability of Town Centres and Sustainability by permitting developments which will increase vehicle movements in Llangollen.

The construction of these out of town buildings will have a adverse affect on Llangollen detrimentally pulling traffic and pedestrian flow away from the town centre.

Why does Denbighshire so strongly support Corporate interests which extract money out of the Local Economy to HQs outside Wales and  fail to support our own local independent businesses who encourage money to be re-circulated in the Dee Valley Economy?

Mike Edwards

1 comment:

  1. Is Park and Ride to simple a solution, especially as out of town parking seems the only solution.