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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Police advice to avoid vehicle theft

Don’t give car thieves an easy ride – remember to lock your vehicle and remove all valuable items.
These are two of the main top tips that police in Denbighshire and Conwy are re-iterating to motorists in a further bid to drive down car crime.
With schools out for the summer, scores of people are heading for the nearest beach or attraction but sadly these are very same places that thieves are likely to go. Furthermore, opportunist thieves will try car doors anywhere on the off chance that they have been left open and will target a car should they see anything valuable or of interest to them left inside.
“Car thieves know where to target, what to look for and don’t just restrict their crimes to the car park for the local beach – they also target cars parked at rural beauty spots or landmarks which don’t have the same volume of visitors,” said Sergeant Aled Eynon who is based in Denbigh. “It also goes without saying that any items left on show inside cars and vans are enough to tempt thieves. The saying ‘Leave it on show – expect it to go’ is certainly true when it comes to theft from vehicles.”
Never leave anything on display in your vehicle. If you can, remove all valuable items and belongings.
Sgt Eynon added: “We appeal to people to please make sure they lock their vehicles and whilst we have increased patrols, we also ask that both visitors and residents play their part in preventing this type of crime.”
Posters reminding motorists of the dangers of leaving goods on show inside vehicles have been produced and put on display at many car parks including those near beauty spots and attractions.
Sergeant Sian Williams is based in Colwyn Bay. Recently a number of cars have been targeted in the area and items including,  lap tops, sat navs and an electronic pad were all stolen from inside.
“Simple tips can prove to be the most effective and that’s certainly the case when it comes to preventing car crime,” said Sgt Williams.
“Please remember to lock your car – even if you leave it left parked on your driveway. Take all electronic items, purses, bags and even coats and sunglasses out of your cars and vans. There have been some cases where thieves will look into the cars at the windscreens to see if there are any sat nav cradles or any tell-tale signs of suction marks from where sat nav system has been stuck on to the windscreen.”
“Remove all belongings from your car,” added St Williams. “Furthermore, thieves like to steal from cars parked in places where they run the least risk of being seen. If you can, avoid parking in places that are concealed from public view or people passing by.”
Top tips for vehicle owners:
·         Never leave anything on display in your vehicle; a bag on the back seat is enough to tempt a thief
·         Remove all belongings – including bags, sunglasses etc.
·         Always remove portable sat nav systems including any support cradles and suction pads fitted to windscreens. Wipe the windscreen clean as thieves have also been known to look out for tell-tale signs of suction marks left on windscreens
·         When you leave your car, close all windows including your sunroof and ensure your car has been locked
·         Never leave credit cards or cheque books in the glove compartment and don’t leave the vehicle documents in the car.
For further information on keeping your vehicle secure, click here.
Anyone with information regarding theft from vehicles is urged to contact North Wales Police on 101. Alternatively, individuals can also contact Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.

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