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Saturday, August 31, 2013

AM questions ambulance response times

Latest figures for emergency ambulance response times in North Wales show a huge variation between council areas and this is being questioned by Welsh Liberal Democrat Assembly Member Aled Roberts.
“The Welsh Government has commissioned 9 reports into the overall poor performance of the ambulance service in Wales which has by far the worst record in mainland UK,” commented Aled Roberts. 
“But the overall figures hide large variations which suggest that some parts of North Wales are much better organized than others.
“Wrexham comes out top not just in the North but throughout Wales with a figure of 73.7% for emergency calls attended within the target time of 8 minutes during July. However, the figure for Anglesey is 48.9% which is by far the lowest in North Wales followed by Flintshire on 56.8% and Gwynedd on 57%. These are all below the UK target of 65%, whereas Conwy on 70.5% is well above and Denbighshire is just above on 66.2%
"Overall there are clearly problems Wales-wide which were thoroughly investigated in Professor McClelland’s recommendations which were published in April of this year. But these latest figures indicate that the differences cannot be explained away by issues of rurality. There have been major improvements in Scotland in recent years and yet in Wales the Welsh Government and management at the LHBs appear unable to improve the service. I am writing to the Director of the Ambulance Service in North Wales demanding that more be done to ensure that good practice is shared across the region.
"Poor ambulance response times are nothing new and yet the Welsh Government does not appear to be doing anything about it. Recommendations from the McClelland Report published in April have still not been acted upon. The report clearly indicates that there is an urgent need to tackle these issues regardless of any long term decisions on the future structure of the ambulance service. When the Assembly reconvenes next month I will be questioning the Health Minister, Mark Drakeford as to what action is to be taken to improve the situation in North Wales in the meantime.”
The raw statistics can be found here:

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