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Monday, May 27, 2013

KLS safety concerns over Post Office switch

Keep Llangollen Special (KLS) says it has concerns about one aspect of the plan to transfer the town's main Post Office from Castle Street to Stan's on the A5.

A member of the group has seen a notice in the Post Office to say the Castle Street premises will be closing on July 20, with the move to Stan's taking place on July 22.

But KLS chair Mike Edwards said: "We are concerned about the dangers for pedestrians crossing the A5 at this very busy location and these dangers will be intensified with increased volume of pedestrians going to and from the new Sub PO.

"We will be discussing this at our next meeting and will consider representations to our local members on DCC, but we may also establish a petition to make clear the community's concern about this issue."

1 comment:

  1. This concern seems to assume that any pedestrians are starting from the old Post Office and crossing the A5 to Stan's. The majority of the town's residents, who might be prepared to walk to Stan's (but might think twice about walking to the proposed Sainsbury's, whose stores also accommodate previously endangered post offices), live on the east side of the town. South-east, no problem, simply walk along Regent Street or down Hill Street. North-east and there is access across the A5 via two pedestrian crossings. When the Post Office moved to Stan's in St Martin's the hours and the parking were improved. I understand the same will apply to Llangollen, which can only be beneficial to all. I have a lot of respect for KLS, but I can't help feeling this is an issue that hasn't been completely thought through and comes well after the original consultation period for the move has closed.