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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Hospital closure row rages on

* Llangollen Hospital may now be lying empty but the row about its closure rages on. 

The following is a letter from the chair of the campaign group, Keep Llangollen Health Services, regarding developments in the saga of the closure of the town's Cottage Hospital:

Keep Llangollen Health Services has called for the Older People's Comissioner to investigate the decision to close Llangollen hospital, with the loss of 18 beds, because we have real concerns about the well-being of our elderly residents in the Dee Valley.

It was therefore with dismay we read the Health Board's response claiming to be 'saddened' by this latest development, which they claim is causing alarm and concern (Leader 3 May 2013). Let me remind them that it is they who closed the hospital and caused alarm and concern. They closed it in early March at a week’s notice.

Two months on and we are still waiting for details of the promised enhanced care at home scheme and there are no plans or even a business case in place yet for a new health centre. This will take at least three years to materialise, assuming it happens at all.

We were told Chirk Hospital would take the patients but we’ve discovered that Chirk is already 98%. So where are Llangollen patients now going?

We have already heard of patients having to be moved to Mold and Deeside to get hospital beds. Ambulances are queuing daily at the Wrexham Maelor hospital due to beds not being available – causing stress to patients and preventing paramedics from doing their work properly.

Is it really us causing “alarm and concern” or is it a failing health board that cannot run our NHS efficiently?
We are glad that the Older People's Commissioner is investigating this matter and are looking forward to providing evidence to her independent inquiry.
I understand that there has been a clamp-down on whistleblowers within the Health Board, though many are concerned about the ongoing changes. We would urge anybody wishing to share their experiences to contact us on

Mabon ap Gwynfor
Chair, Keep Llangollen Health Services

1 comment:

  1. Surely this is all to do with a lack of funds . No money to run a Community Hospital 24/7 . No money for an Enhanced Care in the Home Scheme, and no money available for a new Health Centre .

    Perhaps we should be told the truth for once after all this affects all of us and people we know . Secrecy seems to be the byword for the 21st Century unfortunately .