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Thursday, May 2, 2013

County's dog fouling clampdown hailed as "huge success"

Denbighshire’s Cabinet Member for Environment, Councillor David Smith has hailed the response to Denbighshire’s anti dog fouling campaign as a huge success to date.

He said: “We’ve had a fantastic response from the public on our online survey and freephone number with people reporting problems in their areas. We’ve already had over 145 calls to the freephone number.”

Results from online survey show that 71.7% of the respondents say they have a problem/serious problem in their area with dog fouling and 75% had not contacted the Council before about the issue.
As a result of these findings, Denbighshire has started to place anti-dog fouling signs and banners around key areas to highlight that there is a problem, patrols are in the area and we would encourage the public to support us in dealing with the problem.

Councillors are supporting the campaign by putting up signs, posters and postcards around their local area.
 Councillor Smith added: “This is a new and modern approach for the Council, and we are using the strengths of all services involved to promote and show that we as a council are listening to our communities.
“We recognise the need to be more robust, co-ordinated and comprehensive in enforcing and educating about dog fouling issues and this campaign has allowed us to communicate how we can achieve one of our key corporate priorities of providing a clean environment.

"We want communities to continue to support this campaign and let us know where there is a problem by phoning 0800 2300234"

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