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Monday, August 26, 2019

Medic's powerful safety message to speeding bikers

* The Horseshoe  bikers congregate.
A medic based in the south of England has issued a powerful warning to bikers visiting Llangollen about the dangers of speeding.

Joel Whitaker put out his heartfelt plea on Facebook yesterday as scores of motorcyclists were making bank holiday visits to the area.

He says: “A little bit of a rant, but for good reason.

“I know that the few give the many a bad name, so this is aimed solely at the bad.

“If you ride your motorcycle recklessly up the Horseshoe, or anywhere for that matter, then you are nothing but a selfish moron.

“The road is purely that, a road. It is not a racetrack. Today I saw at least 5 motorcyclists nearly have head on collisions with people lawfully going about their business. These collisions, had they not been narrowly avoided, would have been fatal.

“I make no apologies for this rant but I say it because I, as a medic, am fed up of having to scrape motorcyclists off the road and tell family members that turn up on scene that their loved ones are dead. I particularly hate that moment when I have to give this news to the families of innocent people. Why should they have to be subjected to this, the result of your decision to ride dangerously?

“Please ride sensibly. I know that you seek that thrill of speed but to put your thrill seeking before other motorists, or even your own families, is ridiculous. Think of your families, especially your children. Your one mistake, a moment of madness, gives them a lifetime of pain. Is it really worth it? 

“Take care all.”

In agreeing to allow llangogger to publish his statement, Joel said: I am based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire but moving to Llan shortly and have family up here (historically from the area: I’m a descendant of Billy Meredith).

“There have been incidents where I have had to stop and assist locally, as I have to.

“I thought I’d write the post as, no matter where I’m based, the point is the same. Motorcyclists that ride dangerously put others at risk and Llan gets more than its share of poor riders visiting.”

A number of people have voiced their agreement with what Joel has said on Facebook.

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