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Wednesday, August 21, 2019

FoE wants comments on possible development sites

* The football field next to the Youth Centre which is on the candidate list.

Friends of the Earth Llangollen is inviting people to have their say on the important issue of developments in the town.

Eleven local "candidate" sites were recently published by Denbighshire County Council for possible inclusion in its next Local Development Plan which is currently under preparation and will outline how the county should take shape over the next 15 years. 

The candidate sites are put forward by their owners for consideration by the council and the majority of those in Llangollen have been suggested for new housing.

When llanblogger revealed details of the list recently, a number proved controversial, particularly the site of the Youth Centre and adjacent football field the inclusion of which has angered the area's two county councillors who have asked officers to remove it.

Now Friends of the Earth is asking - on its website and social media - for local people to express their feelings about each of the 11 sites in turn.

FoE says: "The LDP will steer development within Llangollen and the whole of Denbighshire over the next 15 years.

"This is an important chance for you to influence how that development takes place. A number of sites in Llangollen have been submitted as ‘Candidate Sites’ for development.

"The full list and maps for of Llangollen sites can be found here. You can use the boxes below to comment on any of the sites. You don't have to comment on all the sites.

"If you need more space, or want to make other comments, please visit the council's online consultation page by clicking here.  For all submissions; your contact details are required by the council, but will NOT be published, however your name WILL be published in the public domain.  The deadline for all submissions is 30th August 2019.

"You might like to talk about;
  • Loss of vital green space
  • Reduced facilities for young people
  • Increased vehicle traffic and congestion
  • Strain on local services
  • Loss of agricultural land
  • Too far out of town centre to allow people to walk into town"
* To see FoE's survey, go to: 

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