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Monday, October 29, 2018

Big lift brings in new Corwen signal box

A big lift for a 7-tonne signal box cabin has brought an new aspect to the Corwen central station works site.

On Thursday contractors moved the former Weston Rhyn signal box cabin from its long term storage place at Carrog station yard the two miles down the A5 road and lifted it into position onto the recently prepared base.

The signal box is now sitting on its elevated position adjacent to the new Water Tower at the eastern end of the site and makes a fine addition to the station area which has been long planned.

Its successful move and installation is a major step forward with the project and enables the final phase of track laying and platform complete to proceed.

Externally renovated and repainted by volunteers in preparation for the move, the new facility awaits further work to renovated the interior and ultimately install the signalling frame and locking equipment.

* The big lift at Carrog.

* On the low loader arriving at Corwen.

* As installed with members of the project team celebrating the occasion.

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