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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Support Small Business Saturday says Cittaslow

llanblogger has received the following statement from Mike Edwards on behalf of Cittaslow Llangollen about a special event this weekend:

"Through your blog on behalf of Cittaslow I would like to call on all Llangollen and Dee Valley residents to fully support Small Business and Buy Local Saturday on the 6th December, 2014(poster below in Sal's email).

"Research has shown that for every pound spent in a local area with independent businesses seventy pence (70p) recirculates in the Local Economy, so everyone benefits from using local shops and traders. We are fortunate to have a vibrant and viable town centre which is a successful community social facility, so you can pop down into town and browse and buy in our numerous locally owned shops, but also visit the Library, Town Hall, Museum and finish off with a meal or a drink in the numerous restaurants, cafes and pubs. So coming into town is always a pleasant experience where you can chat to friends you meet whilst getting those everyday essentials like your meat, produce, grocery etc. 

"We are fortune at the moment to have two butchers, two Greengrocers, two delicatessens, two newsagents plus cafes, a florists, opticians who we are in danger of losing in future, so I would urge everyone to use them or lose them.
"Small Business Saturday is a National Event aiming to inspire and support local independent shops and suppliers and this initiative is an excellent fit with the aims and objectives of Cittaslow Llangollen. Cittaslow promotes towns like Llangollen with its strong community spirit and encourages amongst other things the principle of Field to Fork by using local food producers, farm shops, artisan crafts and independent local shops, catering and hospitality facilities.

"So I urge all residents to get behind our unique local businesses this Saturday and for the future to keep Llangollen vibrant and retain its unique characteristics and prevent it from becoming just another "clone town."

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