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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Report on the future of Llan Community Hospital

Here is the report that suggests fate of Llangollen Community Hospital building.

You can see it at the link below:                 

Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board

Board Paper 19th July 2012

Item 12/69

Subject: Healthcare in North Wales is Changing:

Report on service change proposals

Pages 41 & 42 of report:

Central & South Denbighshire – changes to services currently provided

from Llangollen Community Hospital.

The ability of the NHS, local government and other agencies to improve services

in Llangollen has been restricted in recent years by the physical limitations of

existing health and social care buildings / estate and the lack of suitable,

accessible sites for an integrated development. It is also recognised that the

current hospital premises would require significant investment to ensure the

building was best able to support the provision of hospital services well into the


There have been many reviews of services and the estate in Llangollen. The

most recent in-depth analysis of current services provision and future demand

was undertaken jointly by Health and Social Care in 2004/05. This work indicated

that a joint development such as an extended primary care resource centre in

Llangollen, with an enhanced range of primary, community, social care and

voluntary sector services would effectively meet the future needs of the

population of Llangollen. However this work was not progressed as there was no

site available for such a development.

More recently a number of meetings have been held with a range of

representatives from health, social care and voluntary sector services that

currently provide care in Llangollen. Following wide discussion, consensus was

reached that an extended primary care resource centre should be developed for

Llangollen. A wide range of services could be provided from the Centre such as

minor injuries, therapies and mental health. The centre would also allow the colocation of primary health and social care teams and voluntary services. This

would facilitate integrated one stop access to the full range of primary health and

social care services and a range of community based services.

The River Lodge site has been identified as the preferred site for this development and subject to the outcome of consultation on the proposals for Llangollen, a business case will now be prepared for submission to Welsh Government.

The needs of many of the patients who are currently admitted to Llangollen

Hospital will be met through the roll out of the new Enhanced Care at Home

model of care (as described above). Some patients will still require access to

community bed-based care and it is proposed that this is provided through a

combination of commissioning beds from local care homes and the use of Chirk

Community Hospital.

As a result of these changes the Llangollen Community Hospital building will no

longer be required to support service provision.

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