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Monday, July 9, 2012

County council's dog poo clampdown

The following press release from Debighshire County Council may be of interest to the people of Llangollen who are fed up with finding their streets strewn with dog poo:

Denbighshire County Council is warning that it will take a tough stance against people caught allowing their dogs to foul in a public place – but it needs the public’s support.
During 2011/12, the Council issued 18 fixed penalty notices (£75 each) and prosecuted one individual for failure to pay a fixed penalty notice.
Councillor David Smith, Cabinet Lead Member for Public Realm, said “Dog mess not only poses a risk to health, but is a form of anti-social behaviour and is detrimental to the area’s image.
“We cannot understand why people allow their dogs to foul in public, as there are plenty of dog bins or regular litter bins where people can dispose of the mess carefully.
“We understand the frustration and concerns of residents. Dog fouling was one of the main issues highlighted in the last residents survey in Denbighshire and that is why the Council is continuing to take the issues around dog fouling seriously and identifying ways of tackling the problems.
Graham Boase, Denbighshire’s Head of Planning, Public Protection and Regulatory Services, said: ”We have officers working for the Council who patrol areas across Denbighshire and will take action against those who fail to clean up after their animals. The officers have the powers to issue fixed penalty notices and will do so if they witness individuals who carry out these offences. It is however difficult to be in the right place at the right time - that is why we need the public’s help.
'If people have information about those responsible, we need to know. On occasions we may also ask people to make witness statements to acknowledge what they have seen.
“In the past some people have been unwilling to get involved and we recognise this concern. However, to put a stop to this anti-social behaviour and to take action against the culprits, we need people to speak up on behalf of their local community.
“Denbighshire will continue with its enforcement work, as well as all the educational activities and will consider other ways of getting the message through its marketing campaigns.”
To report problems with dog fouling, please telephone the Council’s Customer Contact Centre, on 01824 706100 (Welsh language) or 01824 706101.

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