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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Firefighters join forces to promote smoke alarms

The three fire and rescue services in Wales have come together to launch a new online facility to promote ownership of smoke alarms and to help save lives.
Members of the public can already call 0800 169 1234 to request a free home fire safety check but now a new website is being launched which will make it even easier for residents to stay safe from fire.
What's more, the new site is smart phone friendly so that people can simply register whilst on the move. being launched today (25th July) at the Royal Welsh Agricultural Show where anyone calling in at the fire and rescue service stand can log online to register for a free check - or simply scan a quick response code and register using a mobile phone.
Martin Henderson from South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, who is the communications lead for the Chief Fire Officers Association in Wales, said "We have come together again to give one strong message to residents across Wales that smoke alarms really do save lives.
"All three Welsh fire and rescue services have one common objective which is at the heart of everything we do - to work together for a safer Wales.
"With this in mind, in addition to a wealth of collaborative working ongoing across Wales, we have launched this new facility to make it easier for anyone in Wales to get in touch with their local fire and rescue service to arrange a home fire safety visit.
"The new standalone site allows us to work together to highlight the importance of a home fire safety check, giving our potentially lifesaving messages one voice which we hope will more likely be heard.
"The site was piloted in North Wales where it has already become established within search engine ratings. As residents are able to go straight to this one site, there are fewer clicks from thought to delivery of service - making for a better customer experience. And it can be accessed via the main individual websites of the three fire and rescue services.
"The added functionality on smart phones, allowing residents to register for a home fire safety check while out and about, helps us to keep up with the latest technology, hopefully putting us ahead of the game as it is essential to keep connected to our communities."

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