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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Eisteddfod weekend stayed "quiet", say police

llanblogger exclusive
In policing terms, Eisteddfod weekend stayed quiet.
On the Saturday night – which can be a troublesome time as revellers pack the town centre – just one arrest was made and, during the weekend, three people were issued with notices to leave the area before they could cause trouble.
These facts were revealed by Sergeant Paul Hughes, one of the local neighbourhood officers, when he delivered his usual report on policing issues to members of the Town Council at their monthly meeting on Tuesday evening.
Sgt Hughes said: “Eisteddfod week was relatively quiet in policing terms as compared to previous years.
“The vast majority of public houses in the town had hired door supervisers from the Manchester area over the weekend and the ones who came down here were very good.
“The pubs have been doing this for the past four or five years and all credit to them.”
Sgt Hughes explained that unlike the old-style bouncers, the new door supervisers had to be specially accredited so they could be held responsible for their actions.
He said that on the Saturday night there had been just one arrest by officers and this had been for a public order offence.
“For eisteddfod week that is very good,” he told councillors.
He added: “The weather also helped keep people off the streets – in fact it played a blinder for us.”
Sgt Hughes said officers had issued three Section 27 notices over the period for people to leave the district.
He pointed out:  “These notices are intended to deal with people we believe are on the cusp of committing offences.
“They haven’t quite crossed the line but we know the likliehood is that they will be involved in alcohol-related anti-social behaviour  or crime.”
The sergeant also revealed the town’s CCTV system had helped keep the area quiet over the weekend, with one police officer being detailed to monitor the screens until 3am each morning.

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