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Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Candidates' messages for St David's Day

Welsh Conservatives

Simon Baynes, the Welsh Conservative Assembly Candidate for Clwyd South, strongly supports the introduction of a St David’s Day Bank Holiday.

The Welsh Conservatives have pledged to work constructively with the UK Government in the hope of utilising public holidays more effectively for the people of Wales.
Mr Baynes says that despite claiming to back Welsh Conservative calls for its designation as a Bank Holiday, Labour Ministers in Wales have done "very little" to press for change.
"To date, the Welsh Government has evaded responding to a question asking how many meetings the First Minister has had concerning St David's Day’s possible designation as a Bank Holiday - despite a response being due back on February 25, raising further questions in relation to their inaction," he said.
“A St David’s Day Bank Holiday would be very good for Wales and would provide people across the country with a unique opportunity to celebrate our identity.
"There is a strong level of support across Wales for a St David's Day Bank Holiday and the move has been repeatedly endorsed by Welsh Conservatives.
"Scotland already has a bank holiday for its Patron Saint, St. Andrew, and Northern Ireland has a bank holiday for St Patrick.
"I am surprised that the Welsh Labour government has not supported the idea more strongly but we will continue to campaign hard for its introduction so that the people of Wales can celebrate the amazing heritage and history of Wales with this special St David’s Day Bank Holiday.”

Plaid Cyrmu

People have been encouraged to look beyond their immediate circles and consider the needs of others who might not be as visible in their community, in an annual St David’s Day message by Plaid Cymru - the Party of Wales’ Mabon ap Gwynfor.
The Clwyd South Assembly candidate referred to St David’s miracle, said to be making the ground rise beneath his feat in order to make him seen and heard by the crowd.
In his address, Mr ap Gwynfor said: “As we look towards Wales’ General Election on May 5, we should heed the lesson from St David’s miracle, and rise above the din of those who are able to make their voices heard, and look for those who are not so fortunate. Because our responsibility is to the whole not just the fortunate few.”
He published his message at the same time as launching a crowd funding campaign for his candidacy.
He said: “St David’s Day is an annual reminder that we have a responsibility towards our neighbours and communities. Wales after all is a community of communities, interconnected and interdependent.
"The Assembly election in May is about Wales, our communities and all who choose to live here. I’m asking people to think who’s best placed to come up with solutions for our problems here in Wales.
“The crowd funding campaign allows people to make a contribution to my election campaign and start to build Wales up again, and invest in our health services by training and recruiting more doctors and nurses, invest in north Wales and not just one region of south Wales; and introduce free care for all three year-olds and the elderly.”
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