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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Police launch clampdown on serious crime

This month, North Wales Police are launching Operation Scorpion which will focus on tackling serious and organised crime in our communities.
DCS Wayne Jones, Head of Crime Services said: “Operation Scorpion will manage all types of serious and organised criminality including cross-border crime, armed robbery, criminal use of firearms, kidnapping or human trafficking as well as drug production, importation and supply.
"North Wales Police already has a well-established response to tackle this level of criminality. We have an excellent record of success in recent years seizing drugs, criminals assets and convictions, with substantial sentences handed out to criminals who took part in organised crime. North Wales Police will pursue organised criminal groups operating here relentlessly.
"One of the Operation’s aims is to keep the people of north Wales aware of the progress being made to tackle organised crime where they live, work and visit. It is intended to be a two way communication process and part of the launch is focused on encouraging the public to provide North Wales Police with information and to share their concerns about individuals or criminal groups."
He added: "We have an excellent record of working with our communities and very often that vital piece of information which helps us convict the criminals comes from the community. Those who are involved in serious and organised crime seldom do so quietly, they very often live well beyond their obvious means, drive expensive cars, live in large houses and are often out of the country. These are some of the clues that someone may be living on the proceeds of crime.
Crimestopers/101"If you know someone who fits this picture then we encourage you to contact Police 101 or Crimestoppers 0800 555 111 to support Operation Scorpion. Together we can tackle organised crime and ensure that north Wales remains one of the safest places in which to live."

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