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Friday, January 24, 2014

Deadline day today for Chain Bridge tenders

* Work is due to start work on the Chain Bridge renovation project.

Today (Friday) is deadline day for tenders to be submitted for facelift work on the world-famous Chain Bridge.

At the town council meeting on Tuesday night, town clerk Gareth Thomas told members that one or two potential contractors for the work had pulled out at an early stage of the tendering process.
He explained: “I think this was either because there was not enough money in the project, or they thought the risk was too high.”

Because of this the tendering process was extended until this week, he added.
He went on: “We still believe three tenders are due to come on Friday. When they are received a detailed assessment of the tenders will be prepared and a report will be brought to the next council meeting. After a decision is made we can then get on with the engineering side of the project.”

Mr Thomas said the heritage side of the project was going well, with the two officers appointed to handle the operation inviting local artists and the town’s museum to get involved.
There would also be joint working with schools and training sessions for volunteers to work on the project were being arranged.

The project now had its own Facebook page and Twitter account with the aim being to reach out to as many people as possible.
The mayor, Cllr Bob Lube, said that if all went according to plan, and work started on schedule, an opening day for the refurbished bridge might be held in July. 

Last summer it was announced that the long-awaited £465,000 restoration of the bridge, which has been closed for safety reasons for the past 30 years or so, could go ahead after the final slice of necessary cash came in the form of a £350,000 boost from the Heritage Lottery.

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