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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Town Council replies to social media comments

In response to various matters being debated on social media, Llangollen Town Council has issued the following statement on its own Facebook page:

"The Town Council would like to correct several inaccuracies which have been posted on Facebook regarding Town Council expenditure.

"Members of the Town Council are not supplied with mobile phones or tablets. Members are however able to claim allowances for expenses incurred in pursuant of their duties.

"These allowances are determined by the Independent Remuneration Panel for Wales which is responsible for determining the allowances payable to elected members of principal councils, national park authorities, fire and rescue authorities, and community and town councils in Wales.

"The decision to retire the old Chain of Office, which dates form 1974, was following an assessment by Thomas Fattorini, Designer-Makers and Artist-Craftsmen, who have for over 100 years designed and manufactured pendants, chains of office and fine regalia such as maces, staffs and various civic gifts for parish, town, city and district councils, associations, and universities.

"The Chain was deemed beyond economic repair with broken clasps, the loss of gilding and the complete obliteration of some names due to wear and tear. Continued use of the old Chain of Office would have caused further damage and the potential loss of elements through further wear and tear.

"The cost of the replacement was borne out of Town Council reserves."

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