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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

County launches "don't feed seagulls" campaign

A campaign is to get underway in Denbighshire in the coming weeks to try and reduce problems caused by seagulls.

Seagulls are a common cause of complaint for the council and are seen as something of a nuisance, predominantly in coastal communities, but also inland.

Now the council is looking at ways of tackling the issue and says it will focus its efforts on encouraging residents and visitors not to feed seagulls, and working with food providers to reduce food waste and ensure any food waste bins are covered adequately.

The campaign will run on the council’s social media accounts, on its website:, in the local press and through working with local communities.

Councillor Tony Thomas, Cabinet Lead Member for Housing and the Environment, said: “We fully recognise that seagulls are part of life in all coastal communities. They have been present for many years and continue to thrive.

"However, we do get regular complaints from residents in coastal communities, as well as some of our towns inland about the dangers posed by seagulls, especially when they are attracted to food.

“There are limited options to the council as they are a protected species.  We have tried some scare tactics similar to the angry birds and netting/ bunting being provided in some areas and to a degree they have been successful.

“What we need is the public’s support. By not feeding the seagulls and making sure food waste is covered, we can greatly reduce the amount of opportunities for the seagulls to swoop on our town centres."

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