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Friday, November 18, 2016

MP has her say on bank closure protocol

* Susan Elan Jones MP presents the Corwen banking petition in the House of Commons.

Susan Elan Jones MP has welcomed the inclusion of some key suggestions she made into a nation-wide protocol about bank closures.

Last month she me with Sir Russel Griggs, the man commissioned to produce an independent review and made her detailed recommendations then.

Sir Russell's review 'Access to Banking Protocol - One Year On Review' has just been published and includes the following points suggested by the Clwyd South Labour MP:

-  Regular cash collections from business customers: "Banks consider coming together and offer a generic cash pick up services for businesses across the UK"

- "All banks ensure that their customers are aware of what they can do at the Post Office in terms of their banking transactions"

- Specially trained staff are designated, in particular to work with older customers

Ms Jones MP, who yesterday (Thursday) presented a petition in Parliament on behalf of Corwen residents concerned at the local effect of bank closures, said: "I have been meeting many local businesses and residents and decided to put together some detailed proposals for Sir Russell in my meeting with him.

"I am pleased to see a number of my suggestions are now in the new national protocol. The importance of Sir Russell's review is that it is backed by the British Bankers Association and all the major banks have signed up to it.

"I will now be in contact with all banks which have closed in our area to see how they will be helping our local residents and implementing it. Having closed the banks in the first place, it is only right now that they do more to help local businesses and individuals."

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