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Sunday, April 3, 2016

MP campaigns over pre-pay meters

* Susan Elan Jones MP
campaigning with
Shadow Energy Minister
Dawn Butler MP.
Clwyd South Labour MP Susan Elan Jones is calling on the Government and energy companies to use the spring and summer as a time to clamp down on "the scandalous cost" of pre-payment meters.

Ms Jones has joined Shadow Energy Minister Dawn Butler MP in welcoming the tariff cap recommended by the Competition and Markets Authority, but the pair also want tougher action.

They want to see:
- costs of pre-payment meters cut so they're the same as direct debit fuel tariffs
- homes with pensioners, disabled people and children not having pre-payment meters in the first place.
- no instalment of pre-payment meters during the winter
- no debt collection by energy companies during the winter
- monitoring and action on self-disconnection by those on smart meters and the prioritisation of pre-payment customers in the UK roll-out.

Ms Jones said: "This is a real scandal that affects many of the poorest people in our communities.

"Estimates show around 8,000 households in this constituency alone have pre-payment meters. Energy costs have fallen, but this isn't being passed onto people on pre-payment meter. They are paying up to £330 a year more than if they were paying by direct debit.

"One leading charity even found that 57% of pre-payment meter users were limiting how much energy they used in the winter. That shows the scale of the scandal. We need serious action to end the pre-pay rip off."

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