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Friday, October 9, 2015

Llan author publishes fairy tale collection

LLANGOLLEN resident and author Adrian Farrel has published a collection of new fairy tales.
Enitled Tales from the Wood, it contains 18 original stories each with the familiar feel of a traditional fairy tale, but each with a new flavour and twist.

Adrian, who has lived in the area for the last 25 years, said: "It is in the nature of fairy tales that each has echoes in our minds.

“Not only do they contain archetypes that appear in countless stories, but their essence is basic truths about the world, and hopes and dreams for a better life and just resolution of all situations.

“Some of these tales are clearly identifiable with stories you will find in anthologies, while others crept into this book at dark of night. Each contains elements of the fairy tale of old."

The stories in this collection range from Peter Pretzel who had his feet on backwards, to Mother Elde who slept late in her house high on the mountain ridge above the trees and above the meadows the year winter didn't come.

This isn't the first book Adrian has written, but it is his first outing into fiction.

His previous publications include six reference books describing the technical workings of the Internet, and more than 60 standards that specify details of how the Internet is implemented.

Adrian added: “Tales from the Wood was written over a period of two years mainly in distant hotel rooms and on long-haul flights.
“A necessary part of my day job as a consultant to major telephone companies and their equipment suppliers,  these locations provided distraction-free writing time that was ideally suited to the short story or fairy tale format.”

Adrian is already working on a second collection, More Tales from the Wood.
* Tales from the Wood" is available in Llangollen from the Courtyard Bookshop and
from Zingiber in Bridge Street. It can also be bought online from Amazon or direct from the
publisher at

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