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Saturday, October 17, 2015

Davies sees red over no yellow lines

A county councillor for the area has seen red over the lack of yellow lines on the A5 opposite Stans supermarket in Llangollen.

Stuart Davies said: “I’m horrified to learn that the saga of the yellow lines opposite Stans is still ongoing.

“The Welsh Government agency, the North Wales Trunk Agency, are the ones who are supposed to maintain and look after our trunk roads here in Llangollen.

“They were asked to put double yellows opposite the new Stans supermarket over three years ago.
“They agreed to do this in principle but then said they didn’t have enough funds.”

Cllr Davies added: “I got the local Assembly Member, Ken Skates, involved and we thought that the works were to be done this financial year.
“Nothing has happened so far and I’ve now been told that `funding consideration’ only is being done.

“This when we see the Welsh Government spending £20 million on just a study for the M4 and a Labour AM being sacked for questioning it.
“Yet we can’t get a couple of thousand pounds spent here in a bid to safeguard OAPs crossing the A5 to the Post Office.”

Ken Skates AM said: “The Minister said in January that the work will be put forward for funding consideration in the next financial year, as opposed to guaranteeing that it will be approved and completed before April.
“However, I’m as keen as anyone for this to be addressed and have written to her again to ask what the situation is. As soon as I have a response, I will pass it on to Cllr Davies and llanblogger.”

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