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Friday, August 21, 2015

Town Council seeks public support for initiatives

The Town Council is seeking the public's support for two important community initiatives it is running.

The first is the Llangollen Community Cafe event on August 29 at the Town Hall.

The event will be an open door drop in session between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm, preceded by Cittaslow Llangollen AGM at 10.00am.    

Ken Skates AM, Susan Elan Jones MP, the Town Mayor Cllr, Major Mike Adams, and Cllr Sheena Burrell, chair of Cittaslow Llangollen have all agreed to host tables. 

Town clerk Gareth Thomas said: "Please come and have a coffee, put your ideas and concerns on the table and try to find workable solutions to issues that matter to you.  Don't miss out on your chance to help plan for the future of the town."

At them August 29 event the Town Mayor will launch this year’s Community Support Grants for
Voluntary Organisations.  

Working with Cittaslow Llangollen, the Town Council is offering Community Support Grants to fund facilities, equipment and activities that are important to the local community. 

These awards must benefit members of the community in general and are limited to the geographic area of the Llangollen Town Council electoral boundaries.  

Town clerk Gareth Thomas said: "It has been proven over the years that small cash grants can really make a big difference in helping communities get schemes and projects started.

"The Town Council are keen to support projects that will make Llangollen more innovative, safe, welcoming, supportive and caring, business friendly and accessible."
The Community Support Grants are funded under the Town Council participatory budgeting fund and therefore as in previous years the Residents of Llangollen will help the Council, and Cittaslow Llangollen, decide how this money is spent and a residents voting event which will take place on the Monday October 19 in the Town Hall. 

Application forms for the scheme will be available after the launch date.

The total cost of each project should not be greater than £500 and lower-cost projects are encouraged to maximise the number of projects that can be helped. 

Your project should be capable of being finished, and your grant paid to you, by or on February 29, 2016 and the closing date for applications is September 30.
If you have in the past been a recipient of a grant from the Town Council or would simply like to have a presence at the Community Cafe then space is available.
* For more information on either of these two initiatives contact the town clerk, Gareth Thomas, on 01978 861345, or by email at:

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