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Saturday, October 23, 2021

Back of the net for SG Estates at Maes Helyg

* Seven-year-old Jack Williams from the Maes Helyg estate fires a shot into one of the new goals which Leyton Collings of Llangollen Parks Projects tries to stop. Looking on are James Griffin, left, and his brother Dan, site managers for SG Estates.    

Football crazy youngsters on the town’s new Maes Helyg estate will now be bang on target after developers SG Estates provided them with four new sets of goals.

Although the youth centre field has two full-sized goals for 11-a-side matches, Llangollen Parks Project saw a need for junior five-a-side players to have their own nets.

So one of its members, Leyton Collings who lives on the estate, decided to ask SG’s managing director Steve Griffin if his company could provide a couple for them.

And Steve went a step further by arranging to have four sets of steel-framed nets delivered which have all now been put in place with the permission of Denbighshire County Council.

Leyton said: “I requested just two for five-a-side games but Steve has let us have four which we’ve placed across the pitch. We’re very grateful to SG Estates and they will come in very useful.”  

The new goals were officially handed over by Steve’s two sons, Dan and James Griffin, who are both site managers for SG Estates working on the Maes Helyg development.

Dan said: “We were delighted to help out and I like to think we’re doing our bit for the community we’ve been working in.

“We’re actually a footballing family and I used to play as a kid myself.”

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