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Monday, January 9, 2017

Local author plans to kickstart new novel

Local author David Ebsworth is taking pre-orders this month for his new Spanish Civil War thriller, Until the Curtain Falls, through a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign.

The novel comes highly recommended, and if anyone wants to pre-order a copy it will help him to get the book launched successfully.

Until the Curtain Falls is the sequel to his 2013 Spanish Civil War novel, The Assassin’s Mark.

The novel starts off in October 1938 as a British foreign correspondent is on the run in northern Spain, hunted by three different and deadly enemies determined to kill him before he can reach the Mediterranean coast and freedom.

It’s already picked up some literary plaudits including:

“A cracking, finely paced story of civil war, betrayal, fear and bravery. It is also remarkable for its robust and honest characterisation and its terrific detail.” - Elizabeth Buchan, bestselling author of Consider the Lily, I Can’t Begin to Tell You and The New Mrs Clifton.

“A pacy thriller set in the murky world of civil war Spain where nothing is quite what it seems. Until the Curtain Falls confirms Dave Ebsworth’s reputation as a first-rate story teller with a sharp eye for historical detail.” - Dr David Mathieson, Spanish Civil War historian and tour guide, author of Frontline Madrid.

It’s planned to publish the novel in both in English and Spanish and make it available for pre-order through a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign which allows the author to test whether there’s a market for Until the Curtain Falls.

Dave said: “If enough people pre-order, then we go ahead and readers have helped bring the story to life. They become part of the story itself. Part of the team. If we don’t get enough pre-orders, of course, we don’t publish. Then it costs nothing.”

* Here's a link to the Kickstarter campaign:

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