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Sunday, June 12, 2016

Warning over bogus computer calls

* Now with a message from town councillor Phil Thane at the foot of the story

Denbighshire Trading Standards is reminding residents to be extra vigilant following reports of telephone calls from a company claiming to be from Microsoft Windows. 

These cold callers are usually attempting to get access to your computer or asking for a payment to fix an issue. 

Emlyn Jones, Denbighshire’s Public Protection Manager said: “Residents should be aware that Microsoft, or other computer software providers, do not make unsolicited calls or emails to charge for computer security or fixes.  If individuals need to check then they should go to the official Micorsoft website.”

Trading Standards is offering the following advice to consumers:

Be suspicious of unsolicited calls related to a computer or other security problem, even if they claim to represent a respected company

Never provide personal information, such as credit card or bank details, to an unsolicited caller

Do not go to a website, type anything into a computer, install software or follow any other instruction from someone who calls out of the blue

If you can, take the caller’s information down and pass it to the authorities, but if you are uncomfortable with the caller, simply put the phone down.

Use up-to-date versions of your operating and application software

Make sure security updates are installed regularly

Make sure the firewall is turned on and that antivirus software is installed and up to date

If you have any concerns about your computer, take to a local/ reputable expert to check it out

To help reduce the number of unsolicited calls, consumers can register for the Telephone Preference Service on 0345 070 0707.

* Message from Llangollen town councillor Phil Thane:

Saw your blog piece regarding windows scam. I got a call a few years back and recorded it. Worth waiting for the punch line...

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