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Friday, October 3, 2014

Off-roading concerns aired at Town Hall meeting

CONCERNS about off-roaders using parts of the countryside close to Llangollen were aired at a packed public meeting in the Town Hall yesterday (Thursday) evening.

The meeting, which was attended by around 100 people including representatives of Denbighshire County Council, local police and residents, was called to discuss issues arising from the use by 4x4 vehicles and motorcyclists of unsurfaced roads in the area close to the town.
People voiced concerns about the use of the Allt Y Badi as a "feeder" funnel to the Ceiriog Valley and uplands.

Illegal activities were the main bone of contention and the fact that the Allt Y Badi is classed as a highway.
A number of off-roaders were also at the meeting to counter the criticisms made against them.

Llangollen county councillor Stuart Davies, who was there on the night, said: “It was a well attended meeting with representations from all types of users and residents, and full and frank views were exchanged.
“People wanted to have Allt Y Badi declassified but I made the point that to do so would be a long and costly process with no guarantee of success and that in today’s current financial climate, where members are being asked to consider the closure of old peoples accommodation, closing a highway comes low on the list of priorities.”

Cllr Davies explained that the county council has set up meetings at which the authorities and stakeholders will discuss the issues and plan joint actions to address them.
He added: “I will be attending these meetings to put forward the views of constituents.

“I believe that closing or downgrading Allt Y Badi would entail a long and costly battle through the legal system because there are just as many user groups supporting the retention of the status of this road as are against it.
“I think the answers are therefore compromise and targeted upholding of the law and I believe this can be achieved through the meetings set up by the county council for next month when I will be pushing for this.”

1 comment:

  1. Rather than closing or declassifying Allt y Badi perhaps resurfacing and returning it to a good road would render it no longer attractive to off-roaders?