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Tuesday, October 28, 2014

North Wales board welcomes HS2 extension

The North Wales Economic Ambition Board, which is made up of representatives from all six North Wales Councils, welcomes the Recommendation by Sir David Higgins in his Rebalancing Britain Report that the HS2 line should be extended to Crewe by 2027 - six years earlier than originally proposed.

Earlier this year, Sir David outlined the role that HS2 has in unlocking the potential of regional economies outside London and how a hub at Crewe would open up HS2 connection to other locations in the north including North Wales.

The North Wales Economic Ambition Board aims to establish North Wales as a confident and outward looking region with a diverse and high value economy, and believes that to take full advantage of the economic opportunities envisaged by Sir David, electrification the route onwards from Crewe to Holyhead will be needed at the same time. That would enable faster travel to the HS2 Hub at Crewe with onward high speed connections to London, Manchester, Manchester International Airport and Birmingham.

Member of the Economic Ambition Board and Leader of Denbighshire County Council, Councillor Hugh Evans, OBE said: "The North Wales Economic Ambition Board is working to improve inward investment and accelerate economic growth in North Wales.

"We have identified the current transport infrastructure as a barrier for growth and I am delighted that Sir David has recommended the North West hub at Crewe and the extension to it six years earlier than originally planned. His Report also sets out the importance of improving the connectivity between East and West across the north of England. That makes makes electrification in North Wales even more important so as to link seamlessly into the economies of North West of England and beyond."  

"Travel times to and from those business centres would be significantly reduced making connectivity between businesses faster and easier. That will generate a higher level of economic activity not just for businesses in North Wales but for businesses in other parts of the UK as well."

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