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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Virus message sent out to local volunteers

Robyn Lovelock, the town councillor who chairs Llangollen Cittaslow Committee, has sent the following message to local community groups:

"Dear Llangollen Community Groups, 

"Despite the difficult times we’re in, it is remarkable to see how this community is pulling together through existing and new groups, particularly ensuring that those who are vulnerable and/or isolated are being taken care of. 

"For those groups already involved in a response with your members (e.g. helping with food, medicines, transport etc) please see below a request from Denbighshire Voluntary Services to complete this spreadsheet with basic information about the services you're providing so they can identify gaps and support needed. If you feel unsure how to do that or have any questions, please let me know and I can help.

"The Cittaslow Committee of the Town Council will be meeting this evening (6pm Wednesday) to consider how it can best support over these coming weeks. We will be meeting by Skype with representatives of any town group welcome to join the call if you have questions you would like to raise. If so, please let me know and I'll send you the call-in link.

"It seems like this situation may continue for some time so lets consider what we can put in place now to come out the other end stronger than ever before.

"See the Llangollen Coronavirus Help Group, Town Council and Cittaslow Facebook pages for further information about support available. Please also advise your members to be cautious of scams online, by telephone and door to door with cons offering tests, treatment etc." 


Dear Friends and Colleagues,

We wanted to update you about our emerging plans in view of the rapid escalation of events linked to COVID-19.

DVSC will continue to provide support at this important time in line with our mission and core purpose.

In a climate where fear is spreading fast, we want to spread a message of kindness, hope and community spirit. We are heartened by the voluntary action and community spirit through Denbighshire and elsewhere that we are already seeing with online groups forming on Facebook in addition to existing local volunteer groups and third sector organisations. This voluntary action and community spirit is going to be critical in the days, weeks and months that lie ahead. Thank you for stepping up as #DenbighshireVolunteers.

We are currently putting in place plans for a COVID-19 Community Volunteers Response working with our local statutory partners, Third Sector Support Wales partners, Welsh Government  and the voluntary and community sector in Denbighshire. We will provide an update on our plans later in the week.  We are also mobilising to see what funds we can muster to enable volunteer expenses to be paid at this challenging time. Our community grants round will open imminently to support voluntary action. We would be grateful if you share the plans or information that you are aware of with us so we can act as the coordinating hub and guide people to resources and networks close to them.  To ensure we collate all necessary information, can you please fill out the spreadsheet. You can then send us the list and information via email

Following the statement made by the government on Monday, all DVSC events will be cancelled with immediate effect and for the foreseeable future. This includes our Spring Funding Fair scheduled for March 25 and the #DenbighshireVolunteers Third Sector Network meeting planned for April 1st. This will allow us time to focus all our resource on preparing for the COVID-19 Volunteer Community Response.

We believe it is important to give people the possibility to share concerns. Therefore our community hub in the heart of Ruthin remains open Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm  and we are available to provide support and advice as usual over the phone 01824 702 441 or via email

We also want to ensure people are enabled to make informed choices so we will be sharing important announcements from Public Health Wales and Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board through social media - Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn - and our weekly NewsFlash as appropriate. We advise you to  follow Public Health Wales guidance on how to play your role in delaying the spread of the virus and encourage everyone to follow Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board guidance on what to do if you are presenting symptoms. If in doubt self-isolate. In line with Public Health Wales guidance we advise the elderly and vulnerable and their carers to take all necessary steps to protect themselves and in turn we ask everyone to think how you can best protect the elderly and the vulnerable.

DVSC as a charity has been in existence for over twenty years, supporting voluntary action in the communities of Denbighshire. Our small team is committed to working in partnership with all stakeholders to ensure working together we develop a COVID-19 Volunteer Community response that is safe, effective and bolsters community spirit. Let's work together to meet the COVID-19 challenge.

If you are young, healthy and fit to volunteer please contact us: or call 01824 702 441.

If you are already organising something or have plans in development (small or large) please contact us. To ensure we collate all necessary information, can you please fill out the spreadsheet. You can then send us the list and information via email

If you have news to share let us know and we will share the information via social media and through our weekly NewsFlash.

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