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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Changes to highways and public realm operation in Denbighshire

* Castle Street before the lockdown. 

Denbighshire County Council is making changes to the way it operates its highways and public realm functions to continue to provide critical services to residents.

Due to reductions in staffing levels arising from the spread of coronavirus and the need to reduce the frequency and duration staff work together, changes have been made to a number of functions from Monday, March 30, to prioritise essential highways and street cleansing work.

Highways Works: All reactive works will be limited to key routes throughout the county. The type of roads that we will prioritise include main classified routes (A & B roads); principal bus routes; access routes to hospitals, schools and cemeteries; access to police, fire, ambulance and rescue services; primary routes serving substantial villages/communities; main industrial routes that are important to the local economy and main access routes to shopping areas. The main focus will involve dealing with potholes and addressing other associated highways safety issues.

Grounds Maintenance: All works are to cease as soon as possible, and the existing workforce will be redeployed to focus on highways reactive works and street cleansing.

Street Cleansing: All scheduled cleansing and sweeping works are to cease in order for priority to be given to the cleansing of town centre areas and main routes. Normal functions in these areas will continue such as the emptying of litter bins and general litter picking. Fly tipping requests will be assessed individually and work carried out only if resources are available and it is deemed necessary. All priority areas will be regularly inspected and any necessary work will be carried out on a daily basis.

Gully Cleansing: Scheduled works will continue on the A road network and emergency response cover will be maintained at all times. On the forecast of any heavy or prolonged periods of rain we will check locations that are prone to flooding - this work will be prioritised when weather conditions require.

Street Lighting:  We will be providing a reduced service in order to be able respond to issues such as defective lighting and emergency situations requiring an urgent response such as road traffic accidents and damaged equipment, during the working day and during out of hours.

Cllr Brian Jones, the Council’s lead member Waste, Transport and the Environment, said: “The situation regarding coronavirus is developing rapidly in Wales and the UK and the Council is adapting to ensure staff safety, to adhere to Government measures to stop the spread of the virus and to ensure we continue to provide critical services to the public. To allow us to do this in the most effective way, we have made a number of changes to the way our highways and public realm teams operate.

“We accept that some of these changes will affect the day to day lives of our residents, but they are essential to maintain core services.

“In adopting these measures we will provide our workforce with reassurance as they continue to carry out their roles as well as planning works in a measured and responsible way which will help maintain our essential functions.

“We would like to thank members of the pubic for their understanding during this time.”

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