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Sunday, September 22, 2019

Invite goes out to Cittaslow Sunday

From 11-3pm on September 29 representatives of the many social, cultural and community groups in Llangollen will be hosting stalls on Centenary Square as part of Cittaslow Sunday.

They will be sharing what they do, how they do it and suggesting ways to help and opportunities to get involved. 

There will also be food, drinks entertainment and activities

Llangollen is exceptional for the high number and wide range of community groups it has: nearly 100 groups were captured in the Llangollen Community Photobook published by Simon Collinge and Andrew Gale in 2013. 

On Cittaslow Sunday, the Cittaslow Committee of Llangollen Town Council, aim to recognise and celebrate how much the work of all these groups contribute to the social, physical and cultural fabric of our town. 

Daily, weekly, monthly and annually these (largely volunteer) groups organise and offer support for individuals and groups of all ages and in some cases provide life-saving services.

There are groups that help maintain and develop the very fabric of our town. The rich and diverse cultural environment that helps define Llangollen is also largely the result of the hard work of volunteers who attract art, culture, sport and music to the town.

Cittaslow Sunday is celebrated each year by Cittaslow towns around the world. 

Llangollen became a designated Cittaslow town in 2013 after a substantial effort from a large group of councillors and local volunteers to secure the designation, joining the network of 252 other Cittaslow towns globally. 

Cittaslow promotes a way of life for market towns that is environmentally sustainable and supportive of local community groups and businesses. Its themes are about:

·        Encouraging community connections
·        Supporting local products (arts & agriculture)
·        Creating human-friendly infrastructure
·        Protecting and conserving the environment
·        Using technology wisely, and
·        Promoting hospitality (‘slow travel’)

Other initiatives the Cittaslow Committee are currently working on include:

·       * Developing a website for community groups to share information on activities, events and meetings including a shared community calendar
·       * Improving the Community Newsletter
·       * Participatory budgeting – small grants programme for community groups
·       * Supporting information sharing between groups and with the Town Council through regular events and a monthly “open to ideas forum” with the Cittaslow Committee (6pm, second Wednesday of each month)

All town organisations and groups are welcome to host a stall and should have received an invitation to do so. To register your interest in a stall, please contact Councillor Austin Cheminais at or

* For more information, look at Facebook

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