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Thursday, May 17, 2018

Government slammed over school uniforms

The Welsh Government has been criticised by Denbighshire County Council for scrapping their School Uniform Grant and for not giving any details of any future funding they might provide to assist with uniforms.

Plaid Cymru – the Party of Wales - put forward a motion calling for urgent clarification from the Welsh Government regarding their cutting of the school uniform grant.

The total value of the grant was £16,380 to Denbighshire last year and it assisted 156 learners in the county.

The school uniform grant was provided to learners from the poorest backgrounds as they moved from year 6 in primary school to year 7 in secondary school.

Plaid Cymru Councillor, Huw Jones, who represents Corwen, proposed the motion on behalf of the party.

Cllr. Jones said: “Last year 156 pupils received the School Uniform Grant in Denbighshire, and on average 166 pupils have received the grant each year since 2009/10. These families are already struggling in a very difficult financial climate.

"Only last month we saw figures showing how more and more people are having to go to foodbanks. Parents are having to do double jobs in order to make ends meet, and children are suffering anxieties and distress because of their families financial difficulties, which in turn impacts on their education and life chances.

This grant was essential to many families here in Denbighshire, and I’m disgusted that the Welsh Government have taken it away. They’ve since given some vague promises that they’ll do something else, but parents will be starting to plan for their children going to secondary school in July.
"They need assurances now, not some woolly words from Cardiff Bay. This is why we’re calling for an urgent clarification and a clear timetable of what and when this new funding will be put in place.” 
The motion, which expressed dissatisfaction with the Welsh Government and insisted on clarification regarding the School Uniform Grants passed unanimously.

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