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Thursday, February 22, 2018

County backs care and support package

Councillors in Denbighshire have given their backing to a five year regional plan responding to care and support needs across North Wales.

Local councils and the regional health board are expected to produce a long-term Population Assessment Regional Plan, in response to a population assessment that has been carried out.

The plan clearly sets out  the range and levels of information, advice and support services to be provided by partners; how regional partnership boards will work together; how funding will be used and how services will be delivered through the medium of Welsh.

Councillor Bobby Feeley, Cabinet Lead Member for Well-being and Independence, said: “The aim of this plan is to show how we will meet people’s care and support needs and the support needs of carers across North Wales.

“The information collected through this whole process will allow all partners to plan and commission services more effectively, to meet the needs of specific groups.  There are also close links with reducing poverty through improving the way social care and health needs are met, as well as links to health and well-being through working to reduce crime.

“If the Plan is successful, then we expect to see people’s health and well-being improve, it will help reduce inequalities and will help develop communities that work more closely together”

Councillor Huw Hilditch- Roberts, Cabinet Lead Member for Education, Children’s Services and the Welsh Language, said: “The regional plan supports the corporate priorities already agreed in Denbighshire, in particular around housing, building resilient communities and providing the best possible support for our young people.

“By working together as one region, we can pool resources, experiences and expertise that can then be shared, for the benefit of every community across North Wales.”

Subject to approval from all of the partners, it is expected that the Plan will be published on April 1, 2018.

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